7 Core Beliefs

7 Core Beliefs

Motherhood is hard, always has been, always will be, but right now it’s harder than it needs to be. That’s why IAMAS is zeroed in on the deep-rooted changes that must happen to make the “hard” more manageable. Read our IAMAS Beliefs, the 7 reasons we need to exist, now.

Women carry an unfair burden of child-rearing via the demands of intensive mothering and severe wage inequality.

Our governments and economic sectors should contribute more to the work of child-rearing (specifically via childcare and family leave reform), thereby acknowledging that this labor is done not only as a matter of personal choice but strengthens the future of civic and economic vitality.

Mothers must be better informed and organized in order to demand the substantial support that is required. The current set-up of dual low-wage worker families and single-parent/income families is unsustainable. 

One’s gender and sex organs aren’t always the same, but we need to talk about how moms have different needs – and need different protections – legally, economically, and socially. Modern feminism is doing little on this front to help mothers.

Motherhood can and should be a place of empowerment, not oppression. Our countries and employers require women to continue to replace our population. Let’s claim the power in that.

Women need support so that they can mother effectively and be economically independent. Much of the “choice” regarding opting out of work is an illusion. This can harm economically strained families and creates a massive drain of resources that our countries and businesses need to have our country succeed. 

Children need stable care and mothers should have the opportunity to provide that care.