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Join an IAMAS Task Force

Keep the Momentum Going
IAMAS Task Forces

How many times have you left a conference with inspiration to burn? Focus that energy. 

If you are a contributing member, IAMAS wants you to be involved, engaged, and paying it forward. You can do that by joining a task force.

The primary work that each task force should accomplish each year is listed below: 

  1.    Elect a team leader at the annual IAMAS conference.
  2.    Establish annual goals. Realistic goals are good!
  3.    Meet at least four times a year, though more frequent collaboration is encouraged. We have received wonderful feedback on the way our task forces allow members to connect more closely with one another while doing important work for IAMAS and mother-scholars. 
  4.    Organize and lead one panel for the annual IAMAS conference. 
  5.    Host one VVA talk per year. This is a great opportunity for graduate students and/or jr. scholars to build their CV.
  6. Recruit new members when possible. 

Think Tank

Focus will changes based on the feedback from annual conference attendees’ feedback identifying key challenges that IAMAS should dedicate attention to for the upcoming year.

Writing and Publishing

Develop white papers based on member research. These white papers are intended to be read by non-academics, members of the media, politicians and activists. Write for aKIDemic Life. Extend outreach to mainstream media outlets. Oversee publication of conference papers.

Women of Color Leadership

Designed to address concerns that may be specific to mothers of color, led by women of color. This group is currently intended exclusively for members who identify as being a woman of color. 

International Women Forum

IAMAS represents more than a dozen non-English countries. This group is designed to connect these members, encourage IAMAS’ reach, and amplify our usefulness to mothers around the world. 

University Life

Advise on tenure issues, increase awareness about the MOMA award, help members get placed in fellows/post-docs at your home institution, coordinate mentorship relationships between IAMAS members, and promote the academic study of maternal scholarship.

Policy Development and Activism COMMITTEE (Board membership required. Email us for details.)

Choose a key issue (e.g., childcare, low-income mothers, wage gap, etc., maternal health) and develop a means to increase outreach, activism, and political momentum around this issue. 

IAMAS Fundraising and Networking COMMITTEE (Board membership required. Email us for details.)

No one likes asking for money, but the more funds we get the more we can do to help young and underprivileged maternal scholars, increase outreach to new members, and offer top-tier programming throughout the year. This task force is CRITICAL to the health of our small but mighty organization.

Public Relations COMMITTEE (Board membership required. Email us for details.)

IAMAS has amazing members doing stellar research and outreach.  Members of the media, politicians and activists, as well as moms who want to become better self-advocates. Members will connect our work and organization to those that should about us via public relations work, mass media outreach, and social media engagement.